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We are expert counterfeiters of banknotes in 5 major currencies, the US Dollars, British Pound sterling, Euro, Canadian Dollar and the Australian Dollar.
Different bank notes have different designs and different security features, we make sure that we replicate in detail every look feel and security feature found in any bank note.
Wether be it Gravure printing  Watermark, Security thread,   Review register,   Special film / special film elements, Iridescent stripes / changing colors. We use High quality printers✅, Right seals and serial number fonts✅, Hologram✅, Holographic strips✅, Watermarks✅ , UV and see-through features✅
Metallic threads and inks. They are other technical details we can not just put out there but be rest assured when dealing with us you are getting the highest quality of counterfeit banknotes for sale available in the market. We do have a legit company registered tax paying company with a Prop Movie Money License which we use to ship to our customers on basis of use for music videos, Movies and documentaries so you do not have to ever worry about the legal consequences of purchasing money from us. Don’t hesitate to place your order if you wish to buy counterfeit money of the highest quality. We have millions in counterfeit bank notes ready for sale. 

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about US

We are expert counterfeiters, and me in particular you can call me ( Noris ) I have worked in the banking sector for over 16 years.  I started a side business making prop money for movies and one day when i delivered my counterfeit money to a certain director he was astonished by the quality of the money and noted it could have passed easily as  real money and he would not notice, that’s when i had the idea of putting up an underground team of computer experts , Notes collectors And chemist to produce duplicate bank notes of the highest quality. So when you buy counterfeit money from us , your money would not be rejected because we do not compromise and since 2006. Our team has always produced counterfeit banknotes of the highest quality all our bank notes have never been rejected because we do not compromise, if it’s not tested and proven we do not ship to customers. 

enjoy your visit to our website and feel free to contact us any time if you want to buy counterfeit money.

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